Charlotte Deehr
Happy March!  Thank you all again so much for attending Parent/Teacher conferences.  It is always such a wonderful opportunity to connect and talk about all the fabulous things your children are doing.  

Speaking of fabulous, we've learned so many fabulous things in February, and are ready to take that awesomeness into March! Ask your child about:
    *The informational Google Slide shows about extreme weather they presented to their classmates
    *Wiring a room (decorating a shoebox to represent a room, and being able to light two light bulbs and run a motor)
    *Finishing opinion essays and digging into poetry
    *Real-world math... converting measurements (ie: feet to inches), area, and perimeter

Please remind your child to double-check that they have all their warm weather gear before leaving the house each day.  It is starting to get warmer, but are still having cold days.  Hats, gloves, scarves, and warm jackets are still needed, but hopefully not for too much longer!  If students plan to play in the snowy field area, they must wear snowpants and boots. Remember, we go outside twice daily (at lunch and 2pm recess).

March is a pretty busy month.  Please be aware of the following important dates:
  *Wednesday, March 1  is our first Spirit assembly of the new      
    year... remember to wear that Franklin gear or blue and gold, as well as a hat for Hat Day!
  *Sunday, March 12 is Daylight Savings Time... be sure to turn those clocks forward an hour!
  *Third quarter ends on Friday, March 24.  This is also the tentative date for our school-wide PBIS incentive, Mini Course afternoon. 
  *Our week long spring break begins on Monday, March 27

As always, please feel free to contact me with whatever you need.  I wish you all health and happiness in the new year!

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