Classroom Newsletter

First Grade Happenings

Friday, September 14, 2018


Reading:  This week in reading, we practiced doing a sneak peek before we read a book.  This helps our brains get ready to read.  We also practiced retelling a story when we finished reading.  We are also working hard to build up our reading stamina.  Each day we try to read independently for just a little bit longer than the day before.  Finally, we enjoyed studying our names this week.  We looked for short vowels, blends and digraphs, and other spelling patterns in our names. 


Writing:  Our focus in writing this week was on planning our writing, and then doing our best to write the words we wanted to use to tell our story.  We also talked about writing a good sentence that includes a complete idea, a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end.    


Math:  In math this week, we focused on partners for the numbers 6, 7, and 8. We also started working on fact strategies.  We learned that any number +0 is still the other number.  We also learned that any number +1 is the next number.  Finally, we learned about switch partners.  This means we learned that 1+2 is the same as 2+1 because the total does not change even if the order of the partners changes. 


Science/Social Studies:  This week we continued to learn way to calm down get ourselves back into the green zone if we are in red, yellow, or blue.  We also met with our Falcon Connections groups for the first time this week.  These are groups made up of students from all grade levels.  All students are in a group with a teacher as the leader.  We will meet in these groups once a month as a school.      


Next week:  Next week we will be working on fluency in reading.  We will also be finishing our first math unit and starting a new social studies unit.      


Star Students:  Carmen:  for always following directions the first time they are given!

                          Elba:  for always trying hard and doing her best work!



Reminders:  Spirit Sticks will be sold before and after school on Tuesday, September 18thSpirit sticks cost $1 each. 


The next PTA meeting will be Wednesday, September 19th at 6:00 in the Franklin library.  Our PTA is amazing and does many events throughout the year!  They are always looking for more input and suggestions!  All parents are encouraged to attend!  Free childcare is provided and raffle prizes are given out for attending. 


Fundraiser forms are due back on Friday, September 21st


Franklin Culver’s Night is Monday, September 24th from 4:30-7:30.  Support Franklin by eating at Culver’s.  A portion of the sales during this time will be donated back to Franklin’s PTA. 


Spirit sticks will be sold during lunch on Wednesday, September 26thSpirit sticks cost $1 each. 


Our first spirit day will be Friday, September 28th. Wear blue and yellow today to show your school spirit!



As always, thank you for supporting your child’s learning!  If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me. J