First Quarter News

                                         First Quarter Happenings in 3L

Unit 1: Multiplication and Division with 0-5, 9, and 10.
Unit 2: Multiplication and Division with 6, 7, 8 and Multiply with Multiples of 10.

Your child will be assessed using Fountas and Pinnell.  This test finds the reading level your child is at.  The goal for this quarter will be an N.  The students will also do the STAR assessment.  Our first unit is called Building a Reading Life and it focuses on fiction reading.

Unit 1 is called Crafting True Stories, which is narrative writing.  The students will be writing stories from their own experiences.

Social Studies and Science
In social studies we will be studying map skills. They will use the symbols in a map key to locate and compare landforms.  They then measure distance using a map scale.  Students will use cardinal and intermediate directions on a globe, on a map, and in the classroom.  They will also identify the 4 hemispheres. 
In science we will be doing a unit on water.  The students will observe and explore properties of water in liquid, solid, and gaseous states.  They will also observe the expansion and contraction of water as it warms and cools.  They will investigate factors that influence evaporation and condensation of water.