Subject News
Reading:  We started our investigation into informational texts by learning all about the different text structures:  sequence, cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast, and description.  We'll use this information to read all about extreme weather in the world, studying how to summarize informational text, looking for the main idea, important vs. interesting information, and how to work our way through tricky texts.

Writing:  Essays... this is a structure that real-world writers rely on often.  We'll use a "boxes and bullets" format to help us organize our claims, reasons, and evidence, and learn to add research as evidence to help strengthen our essays.

Math:  Math unit four digs deeper into equations and word problems.  Students will use drawings and equations with a variable for the unknown number to represent the problem, represent verbal statements of multiplicative comparisons as multiplication equations, and write equations to represent problems with more than one step.  The key word for this chapter?  Equations!

Social Studies:  We recently completed our unit on the land regions of Wisconsin.  Social Studies will be on hiatus through the next Science unit.  When Social Studies returns... the ancient people of Wisconsin!

Science:  Children have been playing with magnets since they were very young... but, why do they work?  Can all metal items attract to magnets?  Why not?  We'll explore these questions, and more, when we begin our Magnetism and Electricity unit.  Head's up... if you have a large shoebox, please hold on to it.  If we have time, there is a fun electricity project I would love to complete with the class.