Subject News
Reading:  We are well into our historical fiction unit, reading City of Orphans by Avi.  With this book, we are focusing on what is the "historical" part of historical fiction, theme, symbolism, and character perspective.

Writing:  In conjunction with our reading unit, we are learning how to write our own historical fiction.  The challenging part of this unit is not getting caught up in the "historical" aspects of our story, and letting the story elements shine through.

Math:  We are nearing the end of our fractions study, and will move on to understanding decimals as we complete Unit 7.  Unit 8 is the final unit in the book, where we will study geometry... properties of polygons, angles and angle measurements, and more!

Social Studies:  We've jumped ahead in history, discussing the effects of the arrival of the first European explorers in Wisconsin.  Many of these French explorer names can be found on buildings, roads, and parks in our state:  Nicolet, Marquette, Allouez, etc.

Science:  Science continues to be on hiatus as we work through Wisconsin history in Social Studies.