Class Notes



Students finished the nonfiction unit by creating a nonfiction book on their research topic and presenting what they had learned to the class.  We saw some amazing projects, creativity, and learned a lot of new information. 

In reading, we will finish the year with historical fiction!  We will read, City of Orphans by Avi.  We will learn about immigrants, immigration, and what life would have been like in New York in the 1890s.  The story focuses on a family who has a son who works as a “newsie”.  They live in a tenement and have fallen on tough times.  The book is also a mystery and gives us a chance to perfect our prediction and inference skills.  We will also work on fitting history and characters together and learn history from fiction. 

Remember every student should continue to read at least 20 minutes each night and ALL summer long!



Fourth graders will be working on writing essays with a thesis statement with examples and evidence, poetry, and finishing up their final writing pieces including a personal narrative about fourth grade.



We are working on learning more about words and vocabulary!

Look for your child’s sort words to come home to practice and do spelling/sorting activities.  


Students are near the end of Unit 7 where they have been working on comparing fractions, making equivalent fractions, simplifying and finding common denominators.  We will next connect our fraction work to decimals. 

Then, we will start the last chapter in our math series, Geometry!  Students will work with lines, line segments, and angles.  They will learn to measure and draw angles with a protractor.  Students will also name and identify triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons. They will learn about parallel and perpendicular lines and lines of symmetry.  This unit has a lot of vocabulary! Remember to check out my website for great geometry, decimal, and fraction games and activities you can do at home!

Please continue to practice facts at home, every night for 10 minutes.  



Fourth grade students continue to learn about rocks and minerals.  They are becoming real geologist and performing different experiments to learn more about rocks and minerals.

Ask them what experiments they’ve been doing!



We had fun learning about lumberjacks and the importance of the lumbering business in Wisconsin’s history.  All students enjoyed the field trip to the School Forest.  Thank you for helping make their day a success!  We will finish the year by looking at Wisconsin’s first people, explorers, and fur traders.   


KEYBOARDING - We have begun reviewing our keyboarding skills.  Students will be reviewing posture, home row, and finger reaches.  At this time in fourth grade, students should be able to type a minimum of 8 words per minute, with 95% accuracy.  By the end of fourth grade, students are expected to type 20 words per minute, still with 95% accuracy.  Get typing!

CURSIVE - We will practice our cursive handwriting, especially our signatures! 

COMPUTER LAB - We are practicing memorizing our logins and passwords.  We are exploring the MPSD, Franklin, and classroom website.  We are also logging into our Google accounts.  We are also reviewing keyboarding!