Class Notes


In reading, we continue to focus on learning how to grow our ideas and thoughts about what we are reading.  We will be starting a nonfiction unit.  Students will learn about text features and text structures.  Students will learn how to learn from nonfiction books and embrace the challenge of reading nonfiction.

Remember every student should be reading 20 minutes each night.  You can also be working toward the Book-It goal of 400 minutes for the month!



Fourth graders are working on writing realistic fiction by writing narratives.  We are learning about developing believable characters, giving characters struggles and motivations, and developing a story arch.  We have begun to draft our stories.  We also continue to practice grammar, usage, and mechanics of good writing. 



We continue to work with word patterns, new words, and learning how words work!


Math has continued to teach us new math skills!  We have just begun learning how to divide with whole numbers.  We will discuss and decide what to do with the remainder and work on division word problems.  We hope to test Unit 3 before the end of the month.   We then will move on to Unit 4 – Equations and Word Problems!  Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home, every night for 10 minutes.  


Students have enjoyed exploring the properties of mock rocks.  Next, they will be exploring real rocks and minerals by performing a scratch test.  Ask them what experiments they’ve been doing!


We continue to study Wisconsin, our home!  We will use our Wisconsin Journey textbook to look at Wisconsin’s geography and location, followed by how glaciers formed Wisconsin. 


KEYBOARDING - We have begun reviewing our keyboarding skills.  Students will be reviewing posture, home row, and finger reaches.  At this time in fourth grade, students should be able to type a minimum of 8 words per minute, with 95% accuracy.  By the end of fourth grade, students are expected to type 20 words per minute, still with 95% accuracy.  Get typing!

CURSIVE - We will practice our cursive handwriting, especially our signatures! 

COMPUTER LAB - We are practicing memorizing our logins and passwords.  We are exploring the MPSD, Franklin, and classroom website.  We are also logging into our Google accounts.  We are also reviewing keyboarding!