Classroom Newsletter

First Grade Happenings

Friday, March 22, 2019



Reading:  We finished the third quarter by retelling our books, figuring out lessons of our stories, and comparing and contrasting character adventures.  We have been working hard on using all the strategies we have learned for tricky words as well.            


Writing:  We finished our poetry unit this week.  Each student picked his/her favorite poem to edit and then fancy up.  They enjoyed sharing their poetry with each other at the end of the week. 


Math:  This week we continued to compose shapes.  We also started working with 3-D shapes.  Can your child describe a cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, cube, and sphere to you?  Finally, we worked on story problems at the end of the week.    


Science/Social Studies:  We continued to work on reading maps and started talking about directions and using a compass on a map. 


Next week:  Next week we will be continuing to work with 3-D shapes in math.  We will be starting a new unit in writing on realistic fiction and looking at author’s purpose in reading. 



Star Students: Chiming: for doing a great job using shapes to make new shapes!

                         Elba: for always following directions the first time they are given!



Reminders:  Franklin’s Buffalo Wild Wings spotlight night will be Tuesday, March 5th & Thursday, March 21stThe whole month of March we can earn money if you bring your flyer to BWW.      


Friday, March 29th will be our next spirit day!.  Wear blue and yellow to show your school spirit!


Spirit Sticks will be sold before and after school on Tuesday, April 2nd


Monday, April 8th is McTeacher night at McDonald’s. 


The Book Fair will be open April 9th-12th


The PTA Easter Extravaganza will be on Thursday, April 11th.                                                                                                                                               


Spring break is April 15th-19thEnjoy this time with your family!  See you back on Monday, April 22nd!



As always, thank you for supporting your child’s learning!  If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me. J