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Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!  Here is some important information to share
with your third grader!
Milk and Snack Break:  Your child may bring a HEALTHY snack to go along with their milk.  Break will take place between 9 - 9:30.  Healthy snacks may include yogurt, string cheese, crackers, fruits, vegetables, pretzels or granola bars
Recess:  Our morning recess takes place from 10-10:15 am Monday thru Friday.  There is also a recess beak after students finish eating lunch.
Lunch:  Our lunch break is from 11:45 - 12:20.
Specials:  On Mondays we either have Library Skills or Guidance, Tuesdays and Thursdays we have Music and Physical Education.  Wednesday we have Art and Friday we have Computer Lab.
Assignment Notebooks:   Each night your student will bring home their assignment notebook.  This is used as a communication tool between home and school and will indicate what your student learned throughout the day.  Please sign this nightly and have your student return it daily.
Take Home Folders:  Every Friday your student will bring home their Take Home Folder.  This folder will contain information either to keep at home or return to school.  Please return this folder every Monday.
Homework:  Each night your child should read 10 -15 minutes, study spelling words and practice math facts.  Look for your child's BOOK LOG.  This will need to be filled out nightly and returned to school daily.
New To Third Grade:  learning how to write in cursive, learning multiplication and division facts, library skills, learning how to keyboard and research projects.

We will have an AWESOME year and I look forward to our time together in Third Grade!
Mrs. Pfeifer-Peterman